Silicon Valley CEO’s Speech Will Change Your Life! Jon Fisher is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, and more. He is one of the best in the entrepreneurial industry and helps a lot of up and coming entrepreneurs who want to create successful businesses. It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make their mark in the world but sadly, the reality is … Continued

5 Habits That Will Change Your Life!

Having and following good habits are very important aspects of our everyday lives. They enable us to carry out our daily activities and have helped transform many people’s lives from that of discouragement, helplessness and apprehension, to one of happiness, motivation and ambition. Habits are those small changes that you make now but make a … Continued

6 Ways To Be Happy Every Day! I know that life is filled with ups and downs. People feel sad, distressed or even a little bit lost every once in a while. But, these emotions and feelings do not define us, they do not define our day, our month or even our year! We have the power to change our thoughts, … Continued