The 1% Do This to Get Rich!

Let’s start with this!  Everybody won’t be able to build a billion dollar business but everybody can invest in one.  Putting our money in the bank, thinking that the bank is the safest place to have our money is wrong. That’s probably the most dangerous place because a dollar that’s not moving is a dollar … Continued

How To Face Your Fears!

How to face and overcome your fears? Is there a magical way to help us turn our fears into courage? Well, no, at least not yet. Therefore, until then, the way to overcome your fears is through good old-fashioned work on yourself. No one is born with fears! So, we should keep practicing self-discipline every … Continued

Top 30 Les Brown Quotes That Will Change Your Life!

If I had to rank my favorite motivational speakers, Les Brown is definitely in the Top 10! He is one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers and his speeches have impacted a lot of people. His dynamic personality, his motivational words and passionate delivery are the things that make people enjoy his speeches. As … Continued