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March 23th, 2023


Back in 2013, a struggling user by the name of “/u/maxstolfe” made a post on Reddit under the subreddit ‘/r/getdisciplined’ titled “I just don’t care about myself”. He was going through a tough, depressing time and was not feeling himself. His self-worth was being questioned and he did not know what to do. He decided to write a lengthy post on Reddit, as many people do, to share his struggles with the Reddit community. Good thing he did because a Canadian Reddit user, “/u/ryans01” saw “/u/maxstolfe”s post while he was browsing through the subreddit and replied to him. 

He outlined 4 rules that he thought Max or anyone reading can follow to get their life back on track. Those 4 life-changing rules were:


Simply make it a point to do something, anything, towards your goal today. 

There are no more zero days. What is a zero day? A zero day is when you don’t do a single solitary thing towards whatever your dream or goal is in this life. I want you to make a conscious decision that there will be NO MORE ZERO DAYS. I’m not saying you gotta “kill” yourself but the point I’m trying to make is that you need to promise yourself that your new program, your new system will be a life lived of no more zero days. This means that when the day is over and you look up and it’s 11.58 pm at night, you did SOMETHING. No more zero days. I don’t care if it was one push up, one sit-up, one page of the book. Just make a decision that there will be no more zero days. You see, when you are in the vortex of being bummed and you are trapped in the pattern of self-sabotaging behavior, you get used to it. And the only way you are going to break out is with a massive string of consistent non zero days. That’s rule number one. 


This rule is all about being thankful to your 3 “YOU’s”. More specifically, it is to be thankful to yourself.

Call it mumbo jumbo if you want to. News flash, the three YOU’s are the past you, the present you and the future you. And if you want to love somebody and have someone to love you back, you got to learn to love yourself and the three YOU’s are key. You gotta be grateful for the past you, for the positive things you’ve done and also do favors for the future you, like you would for your best friend. 

Are you feeling bad today? Stop for a second and think of a good decision you made yesterday. That salad, that fish, that protein shake instead of the burger or fries. Did you save money in your past? Did you buy something that resonated with you and thanked the past you? Are you currently saving toward that dream or that goal you have or that improbable feat? Then, you need to be grateful for the present you. 

The last part of the three YOU’s is you gotta love your future self. You gotta do your future self a favor. I know you might be tired. You might be addicted to a video game or a television series. Not today, present self. This one is for future me. No playstation. No Xbox. No distraction. I don’t care if it’s one more push up or one more sit up or one more page in the book. The cycle for doing something for someone else, that is, future you and thanking someone for the good in your life, that is, past you is the key to building gratitude and productivity. Don’t doubt me. Over time, you should spread that gratitude to others who have helped you on your path.


mean it. Maybe you have all the know-how, the money, the ability, the strength and talent to do whatever you wanna do. But let’s say you still don’t do it. Now you’re going to give yourself a tough time for not doing what you need to. Pick your head up. Being disappointed in yourself causes you to be less productive. If you can forgive yourself, you can be healed from the past, equipped for the present and cast vision for the future. You owe you, forgive you and get on with the rest of your life. 


That’s it. Pretty standard advice but when you exercise daily, you actually get smarter. You get crystal clear about the road ahead. When you exercise, you position yourself to win the war. When you exercise and push yourself, you attest the limitations of your soul and you will become crystal clear both internally and externally that all you have is all you need. 

As for books, almost everything we’ve all ever thought of, or felt, or gone through, or wanted, or wanted to know how to do, has been figured out by someone else. So, get some books. Read “7 habits of highly successful people”. Read “Emotional Intelligence”. Read “From Good to Great”. Read “Thinking. Fast and Slow”. Read books that will help you understand and get you crystal clear on your future. Read the bodyweight fitness reddit and incorporate it into your workouts. Reading gets you to the next level faster.

One last piece of advice though. If you wake up tomorrow, and you can’t remember the 4 rules? Read this again! And again! And again! 

Don’t forget:

  1. Non zero days as much as you can. 
  2. The three you’s, gratitude and favors. 
  3. Forgiveness 
  4. Exercise and books

This is how you can dominate and get an unfair, competitive advantage in the marketplace and in the game of life. And this is the road to self-improvement, physically, emotionally and mentally. You got this! 

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