To Inspire Every Person In The World to Realize, Pursue and Achieve Their Greatest Potential.

Our Mission

About Motiversity

Our mission drives us to find, create, produce and share the greatest people and products that will make the largest positive impact on the world. We currently do that by producing life-changing audios and creating products that teach valuable lessons, help people overcome hard times and help them improve their day to day lives. Not everyone has someone in their life to support and encourage them. We are here to help.

“Our aim is to be the most compelling motivational and inspirational company that helps people to be better and live better each and every day.”

New-age Record Label

Motiversity is a new-age independent record label for some of the world’s best Motivational Speakers. We produce and release original, highly-edited, exclusive speeches for speakers including Billy Alsbrooks, Eddie Truck Gordon, William Hollis and many more. We also host the popular compilation series that we call the “Best Motivational Speeches Ever”.



Spoken From the Heart

Our words are meaningful, action-oriented and truly spoken from the heart.

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Purpose and Passion

Our speakers speak with purpose, passion, energy, confidence and conviction.

Community Impact

We believe that not only can we make an impact on this world, we can help others do the same. We will achieve this by building a passionate community and having it be at the core of who we are and what we do.

The Motiversity & Motivation2Study Team

Joel Huculak

Founder and Owner

Tyler Waye

Executive in Residence

Gordon Osborne

Head of Partnerships & 

Matt Mackenzie

Senior Video Editor

Crithicca Samuel

Senior Producer

Marlese Huculak

Social Media Manager

Kris Nelson

Video Editor

Franklin Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Lucan Woodhouse

Video Editor

Jacob Ziehr

Video Editor

Ty Van Os

Systems Admin/Analyst

Ivet Koleva

Video Editor

Dan MacKenzie

Graphic Designer

Rachel Edge

Junior Producer


Taylor Nelson

Video Editor

Gladys Acolentava

Video Editor

Lauren White

Junior Producer