How To Face Your Fears!

Lovania Goorimoorthee

March 30th, 2023

How to face and overcome your fears? Is there a magical way to help us turn our fears into courage? Well, no, at least not yet. Therefore, until then, the way to overcome your fears is through good old-fashioned work on yourself. No one is born with fears! So, we should keep practicing self-discipline every single day until they finally disappear. 

Fear has friends! One of the chief friends of fear is doubt and doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. There are people who have failed in their head before they even reach the field. So, I want to invite you to renounce the spirit of fear. Failure is the only opportunity to begin again. If you are hungry for the future, all you need is an opportunity to try again. Failing does not make you a failure. It is something you did. It is not who you are. It is the one thing you are going to have to be crystal clear about. If I fail, then I can win! 

I am talking to that football, baseball, basketball team. I am talking to that fighter. I am talking to that track star. I am talking to that athlete. I am talking to that student. I am talking to the person who failed the exam over and over and over again. I am talking to that individual who feels as though all hope is lost, who feels as though they gave it their all. If you are still alive, you’ve got something left. 

Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs. His teachers coined him ‘stupid’, that he couldn’t learn anything. This is the man who invented the light bulb. The first thousand times he failed, but he was never a failure. He just found 1000 ways that don’t work. You’re no Thomas Edison. You didn’t try 1000 times. Try 1000 times and then come and tell me you don’t have enough or you don’t have what it takes. Tell me you’re stupid, tell me you’re dumb, tell me you’re slow. Tell me you don’t have enough. Whatever pushed you to the ground, whatever knocked you to the floor, from that place, I want you to look at it in the eye and tell it. 

Tell that person! Tell that circumstance! Tell that place! Tell whatever it is that knocked you to the floor; You can’t keep me here! 

If you are going to understand the program of resiliency, we are going to have to stop running from difficult times. Stop praying that the storm will pass over you and pray to grow through the storm. Stop going around it. Go through it. What you GO through, you will GROW through. Some fights are not won in the first round. FLat out in the moment that you get that and you get crystal clear and you accept the fact that there are some giants that you will not defeat in the first round. You need endurance. You need stamina to reach some goals. You are not going to hit the million with the first investment. You are not going to hit the home run, always at first swing but resiliency says ‘I belong here and I deserve another shot! I want my opportunity! Give me my opportunity! 

I strongly believe that resilience comes from facing your fears. You get the courage to transform yourself above the fear and into bigger successes. It starts with YOU! Resilience begins in your mind! Learn to face and overcome your fear and you will rise to face whatever comes your way.

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