Silicon Valley CEO’s Speech Will Change Your Life!

Lovania Goorimoorthee

March 30th, 2023

Jon Fisher is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, and more. He is one of the best in the entrepreneurial industry and helps a lot of up and coming entrepreneurs who want to create successful businesses. It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make their mark in the world but sadly, the reality is that most startups fail specifically because many entrepreneurs want to become the next big thing like or Google too fast. Being the founder of a number of Silicon Valley successful high-tech startups, Jon Fisher knows the do’s and don’ts in creating a successful business. He is also known for his viral powerful commencement speech at the University of San Francisco in 2018 where he highlighted how children are our greatest invention. He doesn’t understand why people are so keen on inventing so many technologies when they should be focusing on their families and children. 

During his speech, he said :

Not everything in Silicon Valley or any industry or life for that matter, need to be portrayed as home-runs or strike-outs or success or failure. It is so ridiculous that it is portrayed that way but it is what sells newspapers so it is what you read about. You can have an idea that does not yield a better way to do your job or your career but it changes your life. And what’s that worth? They say marry the right person. The most successful people I know are divorced and they tell me it wasn’t worth it. Don’t do it. Don’t sacrifice your families. Hold your children up high as your greatest inventions because they are.

I invented something that many of you use every day. You don’t know it. It is buried in the enterprise, but I know it. And I know how it feels and I’ll tell you, it doesn’t compare to any day holding that one happy and healthy little hand. And by the way, don’t step on anyone’s neck to advance your cause. Don’t sue anyone and try not to get sued. You’ll sleep better at night. I’ve never been a party to a lawsuit in my technology career! AMEN to that! 

My wife and I don’t put work before our daughter or each other. Engineers in my company with similar families and I have been together for most of our careers. We don’t waste time commuting to offices, we don’t have each other over for dinner and we don’t have holiday parties. We get it done and then we see our families. I believe you can hear the siren calling your lives without it leading to you crashing against the rocks. I think that’s worth sharing. 

I agreed to join a non-profit board, my primary school board and it changed my life. I learned about parenting, education, philanthropy, and what motivates people. The Union of Concerned Scientists just forecasted that nearly 4400 homes in Maroon County alone are going to be completely underwater in less than 30 years due to the sea level rise. So, my generation, your generation, we are going to have to do something.


For now, I keep searching for ideas, like taking our daughter to school on an electric tandem bicycle. We count the idling cars as we pass in traffic, we wave to them. They used to wave to us but we are getting a little annoying now so they kind of just ‘meh’. But, it is something that we can do. Maybe you will have an idea about attacking global warming or poverty or the truth in news reporting. Maybe you will do none of those things but maybe you will speak from your heart, authentically in front of the person that you are going to marry and maybe you will be inspiring.

In an increasingly unrecognizable world, my career trajectory should be recognizable to you. This means that you can do what I have done. You can have this life. You can be happy in your career and your family. If you want the world to know your name, well then I applaud you, I really do. The world needs you. And I’ll wish you every success if you are willing to sacrifice it all, bet it all and blow out the curve. Just remember my name as your backup plan. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.

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Spoken By : Jon Fisher 


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