Top 25 Money Affirmations For Success, Health & Wealth!

Lovania Goorimoorthee

March 29th, 2023

Are you usually your own cheerleader, or are you your own worst enemy? Think about this! Life is not always going to go the way you want it to. You can either torture yourself or cheer yourself on. You should live your life by making sure your self-talk is not cruel or hurtful and focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Be your biggest supporter! You have to start somewhere and this article is somewhere. Start now! Through this article, you will have a whole arsenal of powerful positive money affirmations at your fingertips to help you change your mindset and that inner critic. But, most importantly, the focus will be on changing your negative money mindset to a more positive and abundant one. These affirmations are like your empowering promises and secret weapons! Use them everyday!

Here are some of the positive money affirmations for your everyday use:

I am worthy of being wealthy.

I am a magnet for money and prosperity is drawn to me.

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I move from the poverty thinking to the abundance thinking. 

I am worthy of making more money.

I am receptive and open to all the wealth that life offers me.

I embrace new avenues of income.

I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth into my life.

I release all negative energy about money.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. 

Wealth constantly flows into my life and my actions create constant prosperity.

I am aligned with the energy of abundance. 

I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

My finances are improving beyond my dreams. 

Money comes to me in miraculous ways.

I am free to replace my old programming concerning money with new healthier thoughts.

Money is everywhere in the world! The amount I have is not representative of how hard I work. 

Money can come from my job, from my investments, from my gifts and almost everywhere.

I do not need to work more to get more.

I am willing to think differently about receiving money and that starts right now. 

I am deserving of abundance in my life. 

I am a part of the Universe and I am willing to believe that the Universe is infinite and abundant. 

I am willing to believe that I am infinite and abundant just like the Universe.

I was created as a being of love, of hope, of charity, of goodness.

I am a reflection of the divine. 

Affirmations are an amazing way to overcome false beliefs about yourself, and they particularly work when it comes to money. You become what you think about and it’s the same for money. Talking bad about money will not bring you more money. These positive money affirmations will help you shift your money mindset. Believe it or not, they have so much power over you, your success and subconscious mind. So, choose your words wisely and make some changes to your financial situation!

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