Since day one we have made it our top priority to only post the highest quality videos and the best motivational content. This includes everything from our Motivational Videos, Photos and Blog Posts to our upcoming clothing line.

We are always looking to work with people who are passionate about motivating others. The following are some of the types of people we are looking to work with, although we encourage everyone to get in contact with us if you’re interested in motivating others.

Motivational Speakers and Life Coaches

We are looking for upcoming voice talents, especially POWERFUL motivational speakers. If you are a motivational speaker or life coach we’d love to hear from you and possibly even feature you in our next Motivational Speech Video. If you have heart, a powerful story, are passionate about motivating people, and are a talented speaker, Contact Us!

Motivational Video Editors

Are you a talented video editor with completed videos as proof? We’d like to hear from you if you are interested in editing videos for us. We are currently looking for the following:

  • A Video Editor with experience editing motivational videos
  • Someone to put eye catching Subtitles (Open Captions) on 1-2 minute videos to be used on social media.

These are both paying, contract jobs. Our ideal candidate is someone looking for long term work and who can grow with us. The amount of work in the first month will be minimal (2-5 hours/week).

 Contact Us here

Motivational Writers/Bloggers 

We need writers! If you are a talented writer and are looking for exposure, we’d like to hear from you. We are currently looking for writers to write exceptional blogs on:

  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Success
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fitness & Bodybuilding
  • Health, and more!

Contact Us if you are interested!

Motivational YouTube Channels

If you have a YouTube channel that creates powerful Motivational videos, Inspirational videos, Motivational Speech Videos, and/or Fitness/Bodybuilding/Workout Videos and that has over 1,000 subscribers, we are interested in partnering with you! Here are some of the ways we partner with channels:

  • We can post your best motivational video on our channel and give you credit for it. Your link(s) will be in the description and you are free to watermark the video with your logo. If you have a POWERFUL motivational video and are looking to grow your channel, get in Contact With Us!
  • Lots more coming soon so check back later!