Do NOT Give Up And Stay Motivated!


March 23th, 2023

Everybody faces challenges in their life. Be it financial crisis, workplace issues, family relationships, or health issues. We are always tempted to give up during these hardships. We try to escape every time we find ourselves facing any kind of adversity. We give up on ourselves, our aspirations, or even our beliefs. Nevertheless, one of the best triumphs of life is choosing not to give up! We have to face our challenges with conviction and persistence until we defeat them.

I understand that it is difficult. Every year we go through the same cycle; I’m going to eat better, I’m going to exercise, I’m going to cut off all negative people, I’m going to be optimistic. Come on! We say all these things. I’m going to execute, execute, execute. Two weeks later, everything hits the fan. If you study history, you will find that the men and women who turned the world upside down were the ones who got out of their own way. So, get out of the way! Get out of YOUR way! Your insecurity has been in the way for too long. Your jealousy, your envy has been in the way for too long. The fear you have been wrestling with, has been in the way for too long.


Some of the most brilliant minds of our generation are high school and college dropouts. Let me ask you a question. When are you going to drop out of the mentality that you are not enough? Please, please do yourself a favor and dispense with the excuses that you don’t have time. Dispense with the excuse that you are not good enough. Dispense with the excuse that nobody would show up. If you feel that too many people are better than you, drop out of it. You tried it last year and it didn’t work. NO! YOU didn’t work! It’s understandable. If we pull up your history, we’ll find a lot of brokenness, we’ll find a lot of trauma, we’ll find a lot of empty places and a lot of failures. This must be the year that you are not defined by your history, but you fulfill your destiny. Why are you here? What were you placed here to do? 

                                                   GET TO WORK! GET TO WORK! GET TO WORK! 

You have to be willing to do what 98% of the people in this world are unwilling to do. You have to eat differently. You have to work differently. You have to think differently. You have to talk differently.  You have to walk differently. If you want elevation, if you want the next level, if you want to see this thing differently this year, everything you do has to change. First, we conquer the day and then we execute the week and that week turns into a month and that month turns into a quarter and that quarter turns into a year, and then all of a sudden, you look up and you’re no longer just this motivated onlooker. You are a disciplined, desperate, dangerous fulfiller of destiny. 

Whatever pushed you to the ground, whatever knocked you to the floor, from that place, I want you to look at it in the eye and tell it ‘You can’t keep me here.’ Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs. His teachers coined him ‘stupid’, that he couldn’t learn anything. This is the man who invented the light bulb. The first thousand times he failed, but he was never a failure. He just found a thousand ways that don’t work. You are not Thomas Edison, you didn’t try a thousand times. 

Try a thousand times and then see whether you’re not enough or have what it takes. Whether you’re stupid, dumb or slow. Or whether you don’t have enough. I guarantee, you will be thoroughly surprised and satisfied with the end result. The life-changing outcome and the satisfaction of having accomplished that goal is inexpressible. Life will knock you down, DO NOT GIVE UP! Get back up and fight harder! Because life rewards those who are willing to keep fighting in spite of everything that they have been through. 

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