How To Achieve Your Goals And Stay Motivated!


March 30th, 2023

It is not usually easy to achieve your goals. This is why you have to know how to stay motivated when it comes to getting what you want in the long term. At the start of the year, you can feel the abundance of motivation and inspiration to achieve your ambitious goals and then after a few weeks, you start finding your willpower crumbling. You start losing motivation and working out becomes hard, eating healthy becomes hard and working on yourself becomes hard. But that is not the end. You have to make a plan, stay focused, reward yourself and celebrate the small wins. 

I know you failed but get up! I know it hurts but get up! One of the things you are going to have to do is get the image of failure out of your head. This is why you can’t have your future, it is because you keep meditating on the mess up. Stop meditating on the mess up and see yourself walking in the mastery of this thing. 

If you want your future, get up now, GET UP, GET UP!!!!! I know you’re bleeding but get up. I know it hurts but get up! I know that you disappointed people who believed in you but get up and try again! 


I want you to see right where you are differently. Your process may be messy but your mess will become your message. So, what is your why? Because if your why is powerful enough, then you can persevere through the process. Find it. Define it. Be reminded that you can, you will, you must NEVER GIVE UP! 

The actions that you take, the moves that you make will echo throughout the ages as there was a generation of people who are attached to your why. And if you don’t succeed, they will never believe. You make it happen! You’ve got to dream big. Smart small. Act now. Stop waiting for the temperature to change. Stop waiting for your feelings to be in check. Stop waiting for everything to line up. It’s never going to line up. It’s never going to be perfect. You just gotta jump! Take that leap! You have to believe in yourself because you already know what defeat feels like. You already know what the pain feels like. You already know what uncertainty, doubt and insecurity feel like. You already know what failure feels like. 


Walk through the door, it is waiting for you. If you can’t find the door, you have got to build the door. Stop waiting until the conditions are perfect to begin and make the conditions perfect. Stop waiting for resources and become resourceful. 


Get out of your own head. You’re still thinking about it. You’re still wishing and you’re still hoping for it. You’re still planning, like you’ve been planning this for five years. Get out of your own head. You are making it too complicated. Complicated is the enemy of progress. I’m going to push whoever I gotta push out of my way to get my piece of pie. You have to go after it. So whatever it is that you are going after, whatever it is that you feel that you’ve been destined to do, is THIS! Are you willing to push whoever, whatever out of your way to get your piece of the pie? The pie is not getting any bigger. 

When we talk about a dog mentality, the dog scrambles, the dog barks, the dog runs after whatever it wants. When a dog is hungry, move out of its way, because it is coming for blood. The reason why you don’t have what you want is because you are not hungry enough! 

As Tamara Taylor once said, ‘As long as you keep going, you’ll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success.’

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Spoken by: Marcus ‘Elevation’ Taylor


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